i love you like a song.

or one of our favorite movies.

i love you like ‘over the hills and far away.’

when you play that tune. i drift off in our bed,

in a room that could barely fit our cluttered life,

and an income that could barely keep us fed.

i love you like that road trip we took down the coast.

it’s those small, seemingly meaningless moments when i love you the most.

when you answer the phone and talk in your slang.

when i ask ‘what you wanna do tonight?’ and you just wanna hang.

i love you like a springsteen song.


that time you came with me to kings of leon, even though you weren’t a fan,

you swept my hair

and kissed my hand.

i love you like that italian place across the street.

and that night we got into a fight

i climbed up the two story building

broke the window

just to have you turn on the light and say

‘what the fuck are you doing?’

i love you like i stood there,

vulnerable and trembling.

i love you like there’s nothing to lose

there is no gracious ending.



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